Friday, March 15, 2013

Where Did You Come From (Narrator: Art Linkletter)

Part of the Sex Education series (#103).  Groovy 'ol Art (what sort of a name is that?) narrates all the gruesome details for the little kiddies.  He's such a reassuring sole - this obviously puts the petrified parents into a state of moral hypnosis - wonder what's happening behind the scenes?  Hey, whad'ya mean!!  There may be an argument that we should all go back to this form of sex education - you be the judge.

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  1. This guy was all over radio and made a successful transition to TV -- he made lots of money, but lost his runaway daughter to drugs.
    The record most collectors look for is his Letter to Diane, which came out on one of the religious labels (Word Records, maybe) before his daughter jumped out of a window and killed herself.
    I don't think many people have seen John Waters' "The Diane Linkletter Story" because it got pulled from theatrical release due to a lawsuit from the Linkletter estate. (It probably had Divine jumping out of a window at the end.) Maybe it's on YouTube now, who knows?

  2. Yeah, it's on YouTube. Very fuzzy video transfers.

  3. He interviewed kids on TV often.
    Kid: I sleep in bed with my Momma because our place is so small
    A.L: (mumbles as kid keeps going)
    Kid: Except when my Uncle Fred comes to visit, I have to sleep on the ironing board.
    A.L. (Still trying to move on to the next kid)
    Kid: Ex...cept... He's really not my Uncle Fred.