Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Fornicating Female Freaks, Bold Butchy Lesbians, AC-DC Sex

That's odd.  Very odd.  The truth of the matter is, this album is what we may call a 'cash-in'.  They were trying too hard and we now end up with a second rate weird and wacky LP.  Despite that, it still has merit.  This may bring joy to many, shock a few, disgust the multitude and make the political correct hipsters dive for their complaint button.  Therefore, it has a distinguished place on this site.

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  1. Free Gift Inside! And it wasn't inedible bubble gum either, I'll bet. But awesome alliteration nonetheless. Can't wait to play this for Mom (my sister I think has probably already heard this).


  2. Ok, now we're talking!

    I've already got a copy, but I'll check it out hoping that yours has a higher bitrate and better cover art.

    Thanks for this!

  3. Personally, the bitrate was not a priority - but that cover!