Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Actual Business Letters (Dictated At Various Speeds)

Intriguing.  At least it's a change from Cheescake Covers.  Who would've thought - dust down those typewriters and tickle your fingers - it's time to party.

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  1. Wasn't this cover in one of the Incredibly Strange Music volumes, or something like that? I remember this one, but never heard it.

  2. Would you believe the LP is missing the four 120wpm tracks? (Like, who would notice...)
    BTW, it's on Keane Records; possibly the same Keane as Del-Fi Records (if anyone is motivated to check the address at the bottom of the cover and see if it matches -- it looks like it might).

  3. 'Incredibly Strange Music' Vol 1 & 2 are essential reading. Can't remember this being in either but I'll have to check. Don't even know if they are still available. Either way, make sure you track them down.

    Was not aware that there were tracks at 120wpm. On the 'ol typewriter that would surely be a feat.

  4. I'm going by the top right of the album cover (which could be wrong) -- it says 90-120 wpm. BTW, it's for Stenography (the written, squiggly lines that represent words) that secretaries had to learn.

    I think the cover art was included somewhere in Incredibly Strange Music, but no mention of the album itself. I remember there were lots of interesting covers scattered about the volumes, but they didn't necessarily correspond with the recordings discussed in the articles.
    It's been years since I've read them.


  5. Kind sir, the link seems to be expired, according to the page...

    "The link you are attempting to access has expired. Please contact the FileShare™ Link owner if you need further assistance."

    If you have the time, can you please repost this LP? Thank you!

  6. No idea why this happens. The link should be 100% with Fileden. Anyway - glad you got there in the end Muff

  7. This record is...epic! Its funny in a 'monotone typing class teacher' sort of way!

  8. 90wpm track 4 is the best! 'Thank you again for your criticism...and I can assure you that it is only through letters such as yours that we know what is desired in the field....' who says stuff like that